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At The Indian it's all about how Indians eat at home. It's sharing plates - a good combination of protein, vegetables and carbs - nourishment for the Mind, Body and Soul. It's time for change - a break away from the westernized "Indian" dishes which the west has been accustomed to for the last 5 decades. Eating trends and tastes have matured and developed. Variety and flavors in Indian home- style cuisine bear no competition. At The Indian our menu is not extensive- each dish is different - it's how the Indians would eat at home and how they would serve their guests.



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Bottle £16.50 or 175 ML glass for £4.20
Bottle £16.50 or 175 Ml glass for £4.20
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Bottle £15.50 or 175ml glass for £4
Bottle £15.50 or 175ML glass for £4
bottle £16.50 or 175 ML glass for £5.20
bottle £16.50 or 175 ML glass for £4.20
bottle £16.50  or 175 ML glass for £4.20
Bottle £16.50 or 175 ML glass £4.20
Bottle £15.50 or 175 ml glass £4
Bottle £15.50 or 175 ML glass £4
This classic Pilau rice recipe is a simple and delicious…
Tandoori Paratha is a flat, thick piece of unleavened bread…
Paratha (also known as chapati) is a flatbread originating from the…
Roti (also known as chapati) is a flatbread originating from…
Cheese naan dough left over from a previous batch; unleavened dough.
Garlic naan dough left over from a previous batch; unleavened dough.

Nan Bread (v)

£ 1.90
leavened naan dough left over from a previous batch; unleavened dough.…
Pakoras are created by taking one or two ingredients, such…
Slighty dry with chunky ginger, fresh coriander and butter glaze.
Dry dish pan fried with roasted punjabi spices, crushed green…
Classic Punjabi dish with roasted spices.
Simmered spinach leaves with Cubes of Indian cheese and lashings…
Vegetable dumplings in a spiced tomato curry sauce with a…
Simmered in a butter-based tomato curry sauce with ground green…

Saag (V)

£ 4
Spinach leaves simmered for hours infused with chunky fresh ginger,…
Punjabi favourite made from red lentils.
Creamy fish curry with hints of count.
Crushed coriander seeds, roasted cumin and fenugreek with green peas…
A delicious earthy sauce flavoured with dry fenugreek leaves in…

Lamb Biryani

£ 5.50
Flavoured with decadent spices and baked with layers of fragrant…

Daal gosht

£ 5.50
A combination dish with spiced lentil daal and lamb.
A satisfying dish that combines spiced aubergine with tender lamb.


£ 5.50
Succulent minced lamb, roasted cumin, cloves , peas, cinnamon, nutmeg,…

Lamb saag

£ 5.50
Tender lamb spiced with coriander seeds in a creamy yogurt…

Handi Gosht

£ 5.50
Intensely flavoured lamb dish infused with a selection of spices.
Marinated cooked chicken, with peppers , onions and mushrooms.
Marinated tandoori cooked chicken, with peppers , onions and mushrooms.
Flavoured with decadent spices and baked with layers of fragment…
Marinated in yogurt , grated ginger, crushed garlic, dried fenugreek…

Chicken Korma

£ 5.50
Delicately mild and creamy with coconut flavours.
Roasted cumin, crushed coriander, diced ginger and garlic. Sun dried…
Chicken cooked in fresh ginger, home roasted punjabi garam masala,…

Makhni Masala

£ 5.50
A true home cooked Indian dish. Tandoori chicken pieces, simmered…

Chicken Shahi

£ 5.50
Fresh yogurt, cashews and saffron- mixed with chefs blend of…
Chicken cooked in the traditional way , in punjabi masala…
Chicken marinated in garlic and mint. Fried in a tasty…
Fresh fish battered in variety of Punjabi spices, cooked in…

Seekh Kebab

£ 3.50
Warming spiced minced lamb, flavoured with cumin and fenugreek, Cooked…
Roasted Popadoms with Assortment of chutneys – Tandoori popadoms with homemade…
Potatoes mashed with variety of spices. Then fried in a…
Golden potato and onion bites. Cooked in a blend of…
Traditional Indian snack. Stuffed pastry with spiced potato, caramelized onion…


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Here at 'the Indian' we treat everyone with VIP respect. We offer everyone the same special deals that you see on Facebook or on our website. For more information please phone 0141 649 7779 or find us on Facebook to find out more. 


Cook your own Indian dishes at home. Simply message us for more details. 


Ted Johnston Facebook

Lovely food. Would recommend it to anyone!!

Calum Hart Facebook

Absolutely brilliant meal, would highly recommend.

Laura Ross Facebook

Had a brilliant meal here, will be back!

Martin McCallum Facebook

Excellent menu for both vegetarians and carnivores. Enjoyed it very much

Clare Bury Facebook

Food and service were excellent. Lovely size dishes with great variety. Really looking forward to going back to try more. Another great addition to Shawlands.

Sharon Kelly Facebook

Just had a take away from here and it was utterly stunning. Without a shadow of a doubt the best Indian food I have ever tasted. Subtly spiced and so fresh. Will definitely be visiting again soon. Thank you.

Munisha Srivastava Facebook

Had a great meal here yesterday with my family. It is a friendly environment with great service and the food was amazing! I would definitely recommend it.

Vincent Bellissimo Facebook

I love receiving emails to see what’s cookin’ from time to time. My son will not let me forget how delicious your mashed potatoes were. We went to a soul food restaurant for my son’s 23rd birthday on Saturday and he ordered mashed potatoes. One bite and he replied

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